Scene 1
The sitting room in Don Sancho's house. Camino enters carrying a letter. Lucretia is already there.
Camino: Tristán gave this to me for you. García Trusts Tristán as you do me. And well He should. Tristán was born to better things, But he must work because of all the problems In his family. He swears García has Gone mad for you and so your answer is Important. Lucretia: I do not know what to think. How could he lie and keep this up so long? The truest lover soon grows tired if he Receives no love back, in return. How can He lie to me and keep this up? Camino: I think He is really suffering. Believe me, I know The signs. He is always riding down your street. He stares at your window constantly to see If you go in whenever he comes near. He sees that you ignore his every move And still continues chasing you. He gives Me money, too, because I work for you. Today, believe me, that is a good sign! It's dumb to think that he is only lying. Lucretia: It's obvious to me that you have never Heard his lies, Camino. If you had, believe me...! I really wish that he were telling the truth. I'd certainly welcome him at once. But his persistence has had some success: I may not think he tells the truth but I do Believe that he can change his ways for me. And so I do have hope. I have to be Careful, none-the-less, neither falling for His lies nor losing him, if what he says Is true. Camino: I think you're right (I guess you are.) Lucretia: Tell him, then, I tore his letter up And didn't even read it. That's his answer. But then, pretend you are confiding in him. Advise him not to give up hope and say That if he wants to see me, he should come This afternoon to the Church of the Magdalene, And be there about eight. Camino: I'll go right now. Lucretia: You know, Camino, I am counting on you. Camino: I will not disappoint you. I never do.
Scene ii
The sitting room in Don Beltrán's house. Don Beltrán, Don García and Tristán. Don Beltrán gives an open letter to Don García.
Don Beltrán: You wrote your letter also, didn't you? Don García: I thought that I would write, sometime tonight. Don Beltrán: Just read my letter. You will see that like My own, your letter should be written as If you were speaking to your father-in-law. I told him you would come in person to bring Your wife to Madrid. Why should we send for her? I am sure that they would like for you to come, Instead of asking her to come alone. Don García: You're right, but my trip there would be no use. Don Beltrán: Why not? Don García: Because she's going to have a baby. And it would not be right to risk her life On a trip like that right now. Don Beltrán: Good Lord, García, Why didn't you tell me about this sooner? You're right. It would be dangerous for her And for her child. Don García I, myself, just learned That she was going to have a baby. The news Came in the letter I received today. Doña Sancha says there is no doubt. She is Most certainly to be a mother soon. Don Beltrán: A boy would make my last years happy ones! What did you say her father's name is, son? Don García: Whose name? Don Beltrán: Your father-in-law's first name. Don García: (Aside) What Did I tell him? Oh God, I have forgotten! (Aloud) Don Diego! Don Beltrán: I may be wrong, but I could swear you said His name was Pedro. Don García: I remember, too. I did. Both names are his. Don Beltrán: Pedro and Diego?!! That cannot be! Don García: Don't be surprised. According to his family's royal charter, The head of their household must be a Diego. Before his father died, my wife's father Was called Don Pedro. When he did inherit, He added Diego to his names. And so For some, he is Don Pedro, while for others, He is Don Diego. Don Beltrán: I've heard of that before. There are many royal, Spanish families where That happens. Let me write this letter, now.
Scene iii
Don García and Tristán.
Tristán: Well, that is really funny!!! You, confused!. Don García: But, don't you understand what happened to me? Tristán: You should have learned your lesson. Liars have To have a perfect memory and know How to make stories sound like they're the truth. Don García: I didn't know what I was going to do. Tristán: You know, you're going to lose out, in the end. Don García: In the meantime, I will learn how well I play At love, win or lose. What of Lucretia? Tristán: You will not have to be a Hercules. You will not have to fight to win her love. Don García: Did she accept my note? Tristán: She did, and though She told Camino to say she tore it up, He told me that she lied. Imagine that!! She read the note. There is an epigram The Latin poet Martial wrote to Nevia Which suits your situation to a tee. It goes: "I wrote and Nevia didn't answer. Her heart is hard. But it will soon be gentle Because she read what I have written." Don García: I hope What Martial wrote is true. Tristán: Camino is On your side, you know that. He promised he Would tell you everything she says or does, Providing you keep giving him his money. Fine gifts will always win a young girl's heart: That's why they say that Cupid's darts are gold. Don García: I've never heard you express a crude idea, Before, Tristán. You think this girl is one Of those who sells her love for gifts? Tristán: Virgil Said in the Aeneid that Dido fell in love Because Aeneas gave her gifts. And she Was Queen of Carthage! So don't be shocked At my opinions, even though they're common: When gold crowns can conquer a king's will And diamonds undermine the hardest hearts. Don García: You saw how she was angered by my offer At the silversmith's. Tristán: The offer angered her; Your gifts did not. You have to follow custom: No one here will break your arms or legs Because you have a habit of giving gifts. Don García: Let's just suppose that she would like me to Give her the world, tell me how it's done. Tristán: Her serving man Camino is the way. Oh, by the way, he said she wants to see You later on today, at eight o'clock Or so, at the Church of the Magdalene. Don García: That's great. Why did you take so long to tell me that? Tristán: I took my time in telling you this news, So there would be no pleasures left to lose.
Scene iv
Cloisters at the Convent of the Church of the Magdalene. Lucretia and Jacinta are there wearing long, fringed shawls.
Jacinta: García hasn't changed his ways at all? Lucretia: He persists in saying all his lies are true. He will not move. I don't know what to think. Jacinta: Perhaps he's telling you the truth. There is No rule that says a liar can not tell The truth sometimes. Perhaps he does love you. You are so pretty ...anyone can see He should love you. Lucretia: You always say kind things And I would certainly believe you if I had not seen that you outshine the sun. Jacinta: You don't need me to say how you deserve His love. This contest we have always had, To see who's prettier, will never end Because the vote is always tied. Besides, Beauty isn't everything, you know. Plain luck has quite a role to play in love. I wouldn't really mind so much if he Should have a change of heart, and fall in love With you instead. He owes me nothing and You have no reason to feel guilty. But Be very careful: you'll have no one else To blame if things go wrong, because you know Beforehand he's a liar. Lucretia: You have assumed Too much, Jacinta. I said I was tempted To believe him, not that I felt anything For him so special as all that. Jacinta: If you Should start to think that he's not lying, then, You will love him in time. You'll have no choice. The step from "I believe you love me" to "I love you, too" is not a big one, you Can be quite sure of that. Lucretia: And what would you Say if I told you I did receive some letters? Jacinta: I'd say you believed him and you loved him. Lucretia: You would be wrong, you know. A person often Does things from curiosity, not love, Strange things they'd never do, if it were love. Your conversation at the silversmith's, For example. Jacinta: What do you mean? Lucretia: Was it love Or idle curiosity which led You on? Jacinta: Why, curiosity, of course. Lucretia: Well, there you have it. I have read his letters From curiosity, also. Jacinta: You're wrong, As anyone can see. Courtesy Demands we hear a person out when he Would speak to us, but to read his letters is Much more. It shows him that you care for him. Lucretia: If he knew I read them, yes, but he was told I tore them up. Jacinta: Well, then, there is no doubt: It's just plain curiosity, not love. Lucretia: But let me tell you something. I have never Enjoyed being curious like this Before. So that you can see just what a liar He is, look. Listen to this pack of lies. Then tell me if they don't seem true to you.
(She takes a letter from her sleeve and opens it.)
Scene v
Camino, Don García and Tristán. Jacinta and Lucretia as before. [Camino speaks aside to García].
Camino: ...the girl who has the letter in her hand? Don García: Yes, I see her. Camino: Well, that one is Lucretia. Don García: So she's the one who'd like to break my heart. Aside I've never felt like this before. Camino, I'm really grateful.
[Tristán speaks] to Camino.
Tristán: You'll get your suit of clothes!! Camino: I owe it all to you. Don García: Tristán, I think I'll find a place where I can read that note Without her seeing me. Tristán: That's easy, sir. Just go into that chapel and look through That window where her back is turned. From there You'll see the letter over her shoulder. Don García: Good!
(Exeunt García, Tristán and Camino.)
Jacinta: Read softly. You don't want to make a scene! Lucretia: Then you won't hear me. Take and read it for Yourself. (She gives the letter to Jacinta.) Jacinta: Well, now you've had a good idea.
Scene vi
Don García and Tristán look out the chapel window into the cloister over the shoulders of Jacinta and Lucretia who are seated on a bench against the wall.
Tristán: Well, everything is working out. Don García: Since you Appear to see much better than I do, Tristán, you read that letter in her hand.
Jacinta: "If you will not believe my words, actions Never lie. If I must be your husband Before you'll trust my thoughts, and trusting me Is required for you to love me, then, Lucretia, this letter, written by my hand Attests that I will be your husband if You will agree." Signed and sealed, García. Don García: Why, that is my own letter!! Tristán: So? Just what Did you expect? She read it once, at home. Don García: I guess she wants to look at it again... Because it makes her happy? Tristán: Well, whatever. At any rate, you win. Don García: I'm glad...I think. Jacinta: Well, that was short and sweet. He's honest and Direct...or else, he lies.
(To Jacinta).
Don García: Just turn around And see with your own eyes. Jacinta: (To Lucretia) Cover your face!! He has not seen us yet! Let's test him with A game.
(Lucretia and Jacinta pull their veils over their faces.)
Lucretia: Whatever happens, do not say My name. Don García: Please do not hide those eyes from me But let me see the lights that dazzle heaven And gaze upon the heaven on your shoulders. Can it be that I, at last, will see you? If your disdain would really have me die, What better place is there than here in church? Feel free to kill me with your glance. The laws of love are crazy, anyway. The ones who kill go free throughout their lives While their victims are kept prisoner for ever. But look how love has compensated me, By giving you the chance to right a wrong: Since I have suffered sorrow because of you, You can bring me back my happiness again. Why won't you speak to me? Don't you care? Or are you sorry you can make me happy? You know you can destroy me with one word. And being here in church is no excuse. Jacinta: Do you know me? Don García: Good God, of course I do!! From the day I spoke to you at the silversmith's I have not thought of anyone but you. I now forget myself because of you: I live for you. I do not live for me. I almost can not tell you who I am. I have forgotten all about myself. Jacinta: Well, that's for sure! You say you're married then You turn around and say you'd marry me. Don García: Why can't you just forget about that lie? Jacinta: Why should I? Don García: It's a waste of time, that's why. You know I made it up, to marry you. Jacinta: I know. Or else you just might choose a girl From Istanbul. Don García: I swear to you again: Let everyone believe I'm married and Then I am free to marry you. Jacinta: (To Lucretia:) You see? I think this time he might have told the truth. Lucretia: Oh, God! The first time I feel love for him, Aside I feel its joy overcome by jealousy! I never have had feelings quite like this! Don García: I told you everything the night we spoke At your window. Jacinta: You spoke? To me? Tell me when. Lucretia: I know she's told him all about our trick!! Aside Jacinta: You have to be mistaken. You did not speak To me. Don García: I did! I swear I did! I'm sure!!!
(To Jacinta).
Lucretia: You dared to speak to him alone at night And never told me anything, and now You try to tell me how to handle this? Don García: And what about the note I sent to you? Jacinta: A note, to me?!! Lucretia: (To Jacinta:) I thought you were my friend! Don García: I know you read it, too. Jacinta: A lie can be A joke when it's in fun, but when it hurts, There's nothing funny about a lie, at all. Don García: You don't remember, Lucretia, three nights ago? I talked with you, beneath your balcony. Jacinta: He still believes that I am called Lucretia. Aside Now this is getting good: new games require New rules. I know he knows Lucretia and I am sure he loves her, too. He doesn't want To make her mad, so he's pretending that He has taken me for her. Lucretia: (Aside) Well, now I get it. And I thought she was my friend!! I'm sure she told Him I was hidden behind the blinds that night, And to keep me from getting mad at her, she said To make believe that he thought she was me And that is why he talked with her...I think...?
(To don García).
Tristán: She has to say that she is not Lucretia Because of the stranger sitting next to her. Don García: Well, that makes sense. Because if I were why She says she's not Lucretia, all she would have To do is let me see her face. Correct? But do strangers talk in the churches of Madrid? Tristán: Sometimes when they happen to sit together, they do. Don García: Of course. Tristán: Just say you must have been mistaken, Then neither one can say they're mad at you. Don García: Well, ladies, all I have to say is that My love for someone has confused my thinking And I took you to be somebody else. As you must know already, men in love Have wild imaginations and desire Can make us see things differently, so much So in my case, that almost any girl I see, I think must be the girl I love. Jacinta: What a thing to say about all women! Aside Lucretia: She told him all about our trick! I knew it! Aside Jacinta: From what you say, you really love Lucretia. Don García: From the first moment I saw her, I loved her, yes. Jacinta: Well, this is something. Aside Lucretia: Aside She thinks I'm a fool. I'll just pretend that I don't understand. That's better than for me to lose my temper. Jacinta: If she knew that, I know she would be grateful. Don García: Are you a friend of hers? Jacinta: I know her well. I'd say we two are very close. I'd even Say we share in everything. Our thoughts And feelings often are the same. It's strange. Don García: Of course, they'd have to be, since you are her! Aside Does she believe I do not see she's playing With me? (Aloud) Since luck brought us together, miss, And you are such an angel, tell her how My heart is breaking; tell her I am true. And forgive my asking you to speak for me. Tristán: Any girl would gladly take such news! Aside Don García: Tell her that I love her and that she Must answer me. Jacinta: Well, I can tell her that, But making her believe you...that is up To you to do. But I will do my best. Don García: But why won't she believe me when I say I feel I'm dying for her love? Jacinta: You still Can't understand? She knows you lie, that's why. Don García: I swear to God. What I am telling you Is true!! You must make her believe me, please! Jacinta: It does not matter when you are telling the truth: The truth is the mouth of a liar. Don García: But, miss... Jacinta: That's enough for now. You see? Those people over there will notice us. Don García: You're right, I guess. Jacinta: (To Lucretia) Well, are you happy now? Lucretia: Jacinta, I am grateful, once again.
Scene vii
Don García and Tristán.
Don García: Don't you think Lucretia handled it well? She really managed to let us know we had To keep her true identity a secret. Tristán: She is no fool, and that's for sure. Don García: Of course She couldn't tell us who she was or she Might scandalize the lady next to her. Tristán: That is the only reason I can see. She could not have denied she spoke with you. And after all, she mentioned several things You two had talked about that night beneath Her balcony. Don García: Exactly. That is how She let me know that it was really her! Tristán: And that is why she brought up what you said About some girl from Istanbul. And she Was really clever when she talked about Herself as if she were somebody else, Her friend. That made it possible for her To say Lucretia would love you as well, If only you could make her trust your word. Don García: You would say that! But what am I to do To make her believe I really do love her? Tristán: You want to marry her, don't you? Don García: Of course! Tristán: Then ask her. Don García: What if she says no? Tristán: Did you Already forget what she said? That she Would tell her how she feels, but you must make Her come to trust your word. What better proof Is there that she does want to marry you? She does not refuse your letters; she talks to you From her balcony. These are things which show How much she loves you. The only thing that holds Her back is thinking that you married someone In Salamanca. And that problem is solved When you tell her you want to marry her. Because your family is well-known throughout Madrid and Salamanca, she only has To ask around to see that you are single. That would be impossible if Salamanca Were in Japan, let's say. Don García: It might as well be there As impatient as I am becoming now. Tristán: There must be someone in Madrid who knew You when you studied there. Don García: I think there is. Tristán: Then, nothing could be easier! Don García: I'll see If I can find them right away. Tristán: Well, I Know one. Don García: And who might that be? Tristán: Juan de Sosa. Don García: Who? Juan de Sosa? Tristán: Of course. Don García: Well, he does know. Tristán: Yes. But ever since the day he spoke to you, I haven't seen him nor has he seen you. I never dared to ask you what he wrote, Seeing how you were so mad that day turned completely white...but now, since he Could help you out, I hope you'll tell me what That letter said. After all, I have Become your secretary, the person you Should trust with any secret thoughts or deeds. Don García: I know that I can trust you. Let me tell you Then, what happened. Juan de Sosa wrote That he had something to discuss with me And that I was to meet him at San Blas At seven. I could not tell you any thing, Because it was a challenge to a duel: Whoever tells someone that he's been challenged Is hoping they will help him or either not Allow him to go. In either case, to tell Someone is cowardly. I went when I Was called to go. Don Juan was waiting there. He was well armed with jealousy as well As with his sword. And jealousy is strong! He spoke to me. I answered him. We drew Our swords. I paced off my space and then I took him from the side and struck him hard. But he was saved by a sacred medallion Which broke my sword in half. He lost his balance Then came back strong and attacked me with the epée. I grabbed his sword by the hilt and saved My life. He almost lost his breath but did Succeed in pulling out a knife to fight Against the broken sword I had. Since I Was close to I wished to be Because my sword was half its length or less... He tried to strike my head with his short knife But I could parry his thrust with my broken sword. And then the fight got rough!! It did not matter That my sword was broken since I used such strength To push him back with it and wound him on His scalp. He fell, then, senseless to the ground. I thought that he was dead. I left him there And came home secretly. And that is why, Tristán, you have not seen him in so long. Tristán: Well, that is very strange! What if he died? Don García: He might have, since his brains were on the ground! Tristán: Oh, poor Don Juan!! I wonder how he is?
Scene viii
Tristán, Don García, Don Juan de Sosa and Beltrán.
Tristán:         But that's him now!  He's coming right this way!
Don García:      I don't believe it.
Tristán:                              Neither do I!  How could
                 You lie to your own secretary! (Aside) And I
                 Believed him, knowing that he lies! I swear
                 He makes his stories up so well that he 
                 Could fool...well, anyone!
Don García:                                  There's only one
                 Way to explain it.  A spell, they used a spell
                 To cure him.
Tristán:                      They cured a wound that spilled his brains
                 And with some magic spell?
Don García:                                 Why not?  I know
                 A spell they used in Salamanca where
                 They grafted back an arm some man had lost.
                 And he was better in about a week!
Tristán:         Go on.
Don García:             I saw it all, with these two eyes.
Tristán:         Now that is just about enough.
Don García:                                     I swear,
                 On my life, that what I'm telling you is true.
Tristán:         I think he's lost it.  He's deceived himself! Aside
(To García).
If you will teach that spell to me, I'll never Ask for anything again. I'll work For free. Don García: The words are in Hebrew, I'm afraid, And unless you know that language, you could not Pronounce it well. Tristán: And you know Hebrew?! Don García: Yes, And ten other languages as well, my friend. Tristán: Ten tongues are not enough for all your lies. Aside And you, a man of reason and of truth! Aloud I don't believe he knows what truth is, now, Aside Since everything he says is obviously a pack of lies. Don Beltrán: Can you tell me anything? (To don Juan) Don Juan de Sosa: Why, yes. No one by that name lives in Salamanca, And I'm sure. Don Beltrán: (Aside) Obviously, García lied. I'd best not let on that I know. (Aloud) Oh, yes, I hear congratulations are in order. You have been chosen to receive a trust From the Knights of Calatrava. Is that so? Don Juan Believe me, sir, that I am in your debt For ever, no matter what good fortune comes My way. Will you excuse me now? I must Go thank those men you see there waiting for me. I cannot see you home. Excuse me, please.
Scene ix
Beltrán, García and Tristán.
Don Beltrán: Good Lord, I think that my son's lies have caused Aside My friends to distrust me! How could he lie Right to my face when I was reprimanding him For that very thing? How could I have believed What he was saying, knowing that he lies? He lied to me when I was warning him! No judge expects a thief to steal from him.
To García.
Tristán: You really think you ought to speak to him? Don García: He is my father. Yes, Tristán. Tristán: Good luck. Don García: Oh, Dad... Don Beltrán: How dare you speak to me! I'm not Your father. You are not like me at all. Get out of my sight. I swear, if I were younger... Tristán: The sea is stormy. Wait a little while. To García Don Beltrán: What have I done? Do I deserve this? Well? How could the Lord give me a son so different From myself. I love the truth. I keep my word. I protect our family's honor. My Gabriel Is gone, and in the prime of his youth. He brought Me joy. He brought us honor. You, what have You brought with you petty, childish vice of lying? I swear, if I did not believe in.... Don García: What Aside Is going on? I do not understand. Tristán: Get out of here. You'd better leave right now! Don Beltrán: You'd better leave, Tristán. But no, come back. Perhaps if he sees that you know what he Has done, his shame will have more influence On him than his respect for me. The shame May not correct his ways. But maybe it Will be some kind of punishment for him. So tell me, worthless little man, just what You get from telling all these lies? And why? How could you lie to me as well? You led Me to believe that you had married while You lived in Salamanca. Was your purpose To discredit me as well? Now how can I Look all those people in the eye whom I Had told you married Sancha de Herrera? There is no Sancha de Herrera!! You made A liar out of me. The only way I see to regain my friends' trust in me Is to tell them that you lied. But that would make Me out as something worse: a man who betrays His family by broadcasting their faults. If you were so in love, you did not have To lie to me. I am your father and I'm not so old that I don't know how hot The flame of love can burn. I never made Cruel threats to force you to be anything But human. I do know what being a young Man means. I am your father, after all. Don García: Well, since you are, and since you know what love is, You have to understand. I lied to you Because I couldn't obey your wish for me To marry Jacinta. It was not a crime. It was just a plain mistake, stupidity, And not my fault or wish to do you harm. And since you know I lied, let me explain The cause. I think that we can make it right. Lucretia, the daughter of Don Juan de Luna, Is the girl I love. You know her family well. They have no other children and all we need Is your consent. You only need to say The rumor I was married is not true. Don Beltrán: You won't fool me a second time, my boy. You think that I'll believe you when I know You lie? Don García: Of course I don't. But actions always Speak louder than words. Tristán can explain it all. He knows what I've been going through. Ask him. You do trust him, don't you? Tristán, explain. Tristán: Sir, everything he says is true. Beltrán: Have you No shame? You have to have your secretary Vouch for you? I'll have to speak to Juan De Luna. I'll ask if you can marry his daughter Lucretia. At least, she'll be the only one deceived By you from here on out. But first, I must Write friends in Salamanca. I still am not Convinced you have not lied. I knew the truth Before I spoke to you, but since you said That what I knew is actually the truth, I can't be certain any more...because You said it's true. Do you understand?
Don García: Well, that was not too bad. Tristán: What do you mean? I thought for sure that you were going to need To use that magic spell, or beg and plead!
Scene x
A sitting room in Juan de Luna's house with a window opening onto the garden patio. Don Juan de Luna and Don Sancho.
Don Juan: It looks as if the night is turning cold. Don Sancho: Good friend, Don Juan de Luna, at my age, It's much too cold to ride out to the river. Don Juan: Then we shall have them serve us in the garden! It's warmer there and we'll enjoy our dinner. Don Sancho: Now that is an idea! There are warmer nights To ride along the Manzanares' banks. The cold is not the best thing for one's health. Don Juan: Lucretia, tell your lovely guest that we Are going to have our dinner, here at home. Don Sancho: Your daughter is so pretty, an angel, yes. I hope she has the life she so deserves. Don Juan: Besides her beauty and intelligence, She values goodness, more than life itself.
Scene xi
Don Juan, Don Sancho and a servant.
Servant: Don Juan de Sosa is at the door and asks If he may see you, sir. Don Sancho: At this late hour? Don Juan: It must be quite important. Don Sancho: Ask him in.
(Exit servant.)
Scene xii
Don Juan de Sosa with a large document. Don Juan de Luna and Don Sancho.
Don Juan de Sosa:Without this charter, I would not have dared Appear before you, sir, but now that I Have got my appointment, impatience got the upper Hand and I have come to claim my prize. The Calatrava Order honored me; And if you honor your promise, I will see My victory complete. Don Sancho: Had you delayed In telling me, I would have been upset. I am delighted! I must go and tell Jacinta. Please excuse us. She's not dressed For this occasion!
Don Juan de Luna: I knew it would come through! For Heaven helps the truth prevail at last. It may take time in coming, but it always does.
Scene xiii
Don García, Don Beltrán, Tristán, Don Juan de Luna, Don Juan de Sosa.
Don Beltrán: But this is not the time to speak to him, Since they have guests and we must speak alone. Don García: But Juan de Sosa can tell them the truth About my life in Salamanca, whether Or not I got married there. Don Beltrán: You need A witness, that's for sure. How embarrassing. You talk to Sosa; I will talk to Luna. Juan de Luna: My friend! Don Beltrán! Don Beltrán: Don Juan, my friend! Juan de Luna: You're out quite late this evening, aren't you? Don Beltrán: Of course, because I am in love, my friend. Juan de Luna: And who's the lucky girl? Don Beltrán: You must forgive My calling on you late at night like this. The door was open, we are friends, they let Me come right in, without asking permission. Juan de Luna: No need for explanations. I am quite Concerned, however, wondering what is wrong. You never call on friends this late at night. Don Beltrán: Well, let me tell you, over here, my reasons.
(They move away from the others.) [Don García speaks with Don Juan de Sosa].
Don García: Yes, envy can suppress the truth, for a while, But it will always triumph in the end. Believe me when I say how pleased I am To learn of your appointment. Juan de Sosa: Why, thank you!. Don García: Enjoy your honors. You have earned them fairly. Juan de Luna: What you've proposed will make Lucretia happy. I can't believe that this is really happening. It's almost like a dream come true. García, With Juan de Sosa's leave, I'll have a word With you.
(They move away.)
Your father, Don Beltrán, has said You want to marry my Lucretia. Don García: My life, My soul, my honor and my happiness Are in her hands. Juan de Luna: On her behalf, I offer You my hand on it. For she and I both know How much we have to gain. I've heard her say So many things. You make us proud, young man. Don García: You've made me happy, more than words can say.
Scene xiv
Don Sancho enters with Jacinta and Lucretia. García, Beltrán, Juan de Sosa and Juan de Luna.
(To Jacinta)
Lucretia: At last, you've reached your goal, after so long.
(To Lucretia)
Jacinta: I can't be happy, 'til you have reached yours.
(To García)
Juan de Luna: She's coming in, oblivious, with Jacinta. She looks too disheveled, not ready for Her wedding day! Let me be first to tell Her the good news.
(He moves away to address Lucretia.) [Beltrán speaks to García]
Don Beltrán: Here comes Don Sancho! What Am I to say to him? Don García: An error caused By love is easy to forgive.
[Lucretia is speaking to don Juan de Luna]
Lucretia: Then he Was never married there in Salamanca?! Juan de Luna: He made that up to keep his father from Asking him to marry some other girl. Lucretia: Then I agree to marry him. Of course! Sancho Now, gentlemen, behold your brides! They say They're honored, happy, and they love you, too. Don García: Let my actions prove the truth of all I've said!
(Both García and Juan de Sosa move to take Jacinta's hand.)
Don Juan de Sosa:Ho, there! Where do you think you're going? Don García: Lucretia, what is this? Don Beltrán: What's happening?!!
To Jacinta
Don García: Lucretia, you're the only one I love. Don Beltrán: He can't be trying to play another trick!! Don García: I know I got your name all wrong, but I Would know you any where. For you're the one I love, the one I asked to marry me. Lucretia: And what about this letter, then? It's written By your hand and signed. Is it a lie, also?
(She takes out his letter.)
You surely can't go back on what it says. Don Beltrán: He would not dare to put me through that again! Don Juan de Sosa:Jacinta, if you'll just give me your hand, You'll end all this confusion, once and for all. Don Sancho: Jacinta, give your hand to Juan de Sosa. Jacinta: I'm yours, Don Juan, as I have always been. Don García: I've lost my hope for happiness. Aside Don Beltrán: If you Refuse to marry Lucretia de Luna, you'll never Live in Spain again, or anywhere, I swear!! Juan de Luna: I gave my hand to you on her behalf, And if you break your word to me, you might As well give up all hope of living here. Tristán: It's all your fault, you know. If you had told The truth and from the start, Jacinta would Be yours by now. There's nothing to be done. Forgive them. Then, give your hand to her. After all, Lucretia's not too bad, is she? Don García: I suppose I have to do what's only fair. Tristán: And I suppose we all now see the light: A liar, though he tells the truth, is never right.


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