Don ALVARO, Don ALONSO, LEONOR and ELISA who is carried on stage in a chair by two men
ALONSO: It was really a clever move to make her think That she is in Illescas when in fact We are keeping her right here in her own room. ALVARO: I met Leonor in the street then we came. ALONSO: Don Juan had better simply give it up. ALVARO: He ought to if he knew what was going on.
ALONSO: And you had better change your ways. Persist And I forget my duty to you and you Will stay right here as long as I shall live ...which should not be too long a time, I think, When I consider what you did to me. Everyone thinks that you have gone to Lerma. But that is just a lie to put them off, To keep you far from those who want to help. How you can still resist amazes me. You are not pleased with Pedro or with Carlos? I promise, Juan will never marry you. Do not dare to speak to me of him again. If you are still inclined to oppose my will, Then you deserve this punishment. If you do not want to make it worse, Just think it over and make your choice. Let's go. But lock your door because I have to leave. ALVARO: Remember, ma'am, that I will carry out And execute his orders. Watch what you do.
Exeunt ALVARO and ALONSO; they lock the door as they leave
ELISA: I do not know what bothers me the most: To have you here with me, or, left alone, To have to think about their tyranny. LEONOR: Well, that is the way it is for those like you Who always fail at everything they do. They give offense when they most want to please. Their courtesy produces indignation. Doņa Ana did deceive me, yes, When she accepted Carlos's clever plan. But you should thank me and forgive me, ma'am, Because I can tell you now. Don Juan is here. ELISA: That can not be! What are you saying now? LEONOR: Don Juan is right here in Illescas, yes! You are the star which guides his wanderings. Yes. Doņa Ana hid him in her house. But when I tried to come to let you know, He caught me in the doorway to the street. ELISA: Do not tell me anymore, Leonor. LEONOR: All I ask is that you tell the truth: Could you see the road they carried you along? ELISA: Why, no, how could I since my father kept The very light of day from shining in? Because he is was angry he forbade The men to light the coach along its way. I could only sit there next to him And ride along all night in total silence. We passed the days at inns in secrecy. And I was not allowed to see the guests. When we at last had come into the town, He brought a chair and made me get inside. It was so dark that I could barely see The steps I had to climb to take my seat. LEONOR: Your uncle brought me here so secretly That I could not tell either where I was. Of course they blamed me for everything, The Count who thinks that I somehow will gain Defended me and said that I should try Convincing you he lives for you alone. Doņa Ana defended me as well, But only to make me do whatever I could To see that you forget Don Juan; they both Have promised me a hope chest and a dowry, Provided you become Don Carlos's wife. But you and I grew up together so I know you better than any one of them. Heaven has decreed and I know, too, That you will marry no one but the man Who deserves your hand the most, Don Juan. With time as my witness I swear in all good faith That I would even die for you. Oh my! Is this the bed your host has made for you? ELISA: It does not matter; I can not sleep now. I am just too upset. You know it is true. Anyone who sleeps a lot is not In love. Well, I will say my prayers a while And then come help me get undressed, alright? LEONOR: How can you say your prayers and be in love? ELISA: I do not catch your meaning. LEONOR: I will wait.
LEONOR: Coral's tricks are really going well. Since he confided everything to me I think I like him...well, perhaps a little.
She looks at a key ring with many keys
The only thing I have to do is try To see if one of these old keys will work And that way spoil the old man's scheme to make His house into a jail. Because a key, When the balcony does not face the street, Means certain death: It does not matter how Love tries to lock the world outside its door. I think that this must be the master key. While Elisa prays I will put it to the test. Now, my friendly brother balcony, Do give some light and let it magic be.
Exit. Enter Don JUAN and CORAL
CORAL Well, now we are really sailing before the wind Along the path of those born on their feet! Good fortune moves you right ahead as planned! You know that your Elisa is at home And living in her rooms in her own house? In spite of all her father and his friend Have tried to do to make her think she is not, But rather in Illescas where they hope To make her marry Carlos. Just last night I heard her father plot it out with care. He has become an old man wracked with greed. Doņa Ana is no longer there Since that old buzzard we call death destroyed The health her aunt enjoyed and so our Ana Is not expected back until the sun Has turned her aunt's sea-worthy coffin To a golden cradle. In the meantime I have stowed the bridge away, the one Which we will use to get across the void. And you, if you play your cards just right this time, No matter how her father tries again To keep her locked away, you can slip right over. JUAN: The walls are high. There are people in the street. The neighbors are nosey. Honour is at stake. CORAL: Good Lord, man! Since when are you a coward? The sky has donned its widow's weeds again And leaves no trace of blue; the world now sleeps. The moon has fallen in the southern sea, And now? Your love begins to quake and tremble! The Moors are not attacking! Come on, man! Go and and you will see how hard I worked.
Exeunt. Enter LEONOR
LEONOR: I see this key has magic properties No door can ever resist. It opened the door To the balcony at once and look, it fits The living room which now is open, too. Don Juan is going to owe a lot to me, Well, to my craftiness. My skills awoke His thirst for love, no easy task, you know.
CORAL: Well! Now he has done it! Like old Archimedes, If there was such a man, by three to one! LEONOR: Oh no! Good Lord! You frightened me to death! CORAL: They say old witches such as you suck blood, Babies' blood, because you are always cold. LEONOR: Just tell me how you got in here, alright? CORAL: Well, you will have to ask a wooden plank! A bridge for a balcony which stretches across, Just like a spring-hook; first it's long and then It's short. But best of all I made it so That it will fit right in so tight that a widow Wearing three-inch heels could walk across... You remember the widow I brought up here for lace? LEONOR: Alright, Coral. But what will keep the town From seeing people cross between the rooms? There is no way to stop their wagging tongues. CORAL: Oh, come on! You are really hopeless. I told you that no one could see it clearly Because if either sunlight or the moon Should shine on it, we will pull it back. And it becomes invisible like slats On writing desks, hidden in compartments.
ELISA: Leonor, what is taking you so long? Are you in here talking to the paintings? Coral! What are you doing here? CORAL: Love's refinements slip right through old locks. Love, the unclad god, goes everywhere. ELISA: Well, yes, but when the doors are closed and locked... CORAL: For love, there are no locks that hold for long. Love's father was a blacksmith who taught him how To use a block and tackle if need be. ELISA: Who told you that I was in Illescas? CORAL: Like the owl which must avoid the sun's bright light My love pursued you to your rooms through the dark. You did not know that you are in your room? Held captive through no fault of your own? That you are in Illescas and Madrid? To prove to you that what I say is true, Open your balcony and see the way The windows are designed, the floor plan, too. You are captive in your very own room. It feels to me that we are in an oven! Those dormers are not used much in Illescas. These doors and walls are easy to make over. They are disguised, like dancers wearing masks. I came in here across the balcony, Across a drawbridge which you, too, can use, A drawbridge which all travellers must cross. Don Juan is waiting in the room next door. And you can trust your cousin even more. There is nothing left to stand in your way.
Enter ALONSO and the others. ALONSO speaks from outside
ALONSO: Don Carlos, Sir! Wait for me right here. ELISA: I think I hear my father. CORAL: Yes. He is here. And as for me, I think I will wait outside.
ELISA: And I am going to hide behind that door. LEONOR: There must be some way we can fool them all. ALONSO: Hello in there! Open this door right now! LEONOR: Who is it, please?
They enter
ALONSO: If I already locked The door, why did you lock yourselves inside? LEONOR: So no one would disturb our privacy. ALONSO: (I think I know a way to spoil their plan.) Aside Go! Call Elisa now! I insist!
ELISA enters
ELISA Well, Sir! What new way have you found today To add to my unhappiness? Have you Forgotten anything? I have watched Your progress from two miles away and want To know why you came back to torment me. ALONSO: There is no longer time for foolishness. The only reason I wanted you to think That you were in Illescas was because I felt Don Juan was making you uneasy. But he is not a problem for us now. You realize that you are still in Madrid? In your own house and in your very own room? ELISA: What?! Where?! ALONSO: In your very own home. LEONOR: My God! This is certainly confusing to me! ELISA: Then where did all this furniture come from? ALONSO: A little effort, and money, of course, can find All this, and more, at court. Let's continue. Let's not waste time on pettiness. Don Juan, consumed by jealousy, wounded Don Carlos late last night and thinking him dead Got Doņa Clara to hide him in her house. Because she is the heir to Doņa Ana, Who is her aunt. The two of them agreed That Don Juan would have to leave Madrid at once... Or as soon as they were married. The Count found out How much Don Juan now owes to Doņa Ana. When Don Pedro learned about this whole affair He became quite envious...because he saw How you did not accept his offers of love. But he managed to forget the past and turn His heart around and place his hopes in your cousin. Don Carlos, then, who loves you very much, Both generously and wisely thought that once Don Juan and Doņa Ana were married, then, He could find the means to win your love. And placing his desire above all vengeance, He went tonight to see Don Juan who fast Became his friend. It is true!! It was not hard For him to persuade Don Juan and Doņa Ana To marry happily, and right then and there! They called me to be their witness and to help Write out their terms. I went to Doņa Clara's After I saw their declaration of love. What courtesy! Tomorrow, I assume, They are getting married. For you alone The Count has risked his life. He is here. We are in his debt. Show gratitude. LEONOR: (Good Lord! How quickly he can make up lies! Aside I hope this trick will work for you, old man.) ELISA: The things you tell me would resemble dreams Were it not true that you have merit my trust. How could so much occur in just one day? How could Don Juan have changed so much, so fast? How could his love have been so small, so weak? But stop. My love will not let me despair. My love can keep pace with the times and build With exemplary acts what men's deceit destroys: I accept the offer Don Carlos makes. ALONSO: How like the ivy green which climbs the oak My heavy years embrace your lovely neck. I think I feel my youth return. He is here! He is here and I am going to call him now! What wonderful news I bring to him this time! ELISA: It is much too late! Tomorrow is time enough For him to come. Then calmly, predisposed In heart and mind he will agree with you. ALONSO: Well, that is fine. I do not want to rush you. Be sure you do not make a liar of me!!
He leaves and locks her in
LEONOR: What have you done? ELISA: Leonor, I do not know. Just what can you expect someone to do After overhearing a doubtful truth Among so many lies? Don Juan loved Ana! He believed Don Carlos destroyed our love While hidden in my house, then wounded him And ran away, then hid in Clara's house? If he entered as her guest then he will leave As the master. Unlock the door. Give me my coat. LEONOR: First explain what you are going to do. ELISA: The two of us...or I will go alone Which might be best, while you remain right here. If I should find Don Juan is at my cousin's, I will know that fear has blinded me. But if he is not there, then what I feared Is true. LEONOR: And has it not occurred to you Her servants know you now? ELISA: They are asleep. And there are many families in that building. The main door to the street will still be open. Don Juan is living like a prisoner upstairs. If I pretend that I am Doņa Ana, He will let me in and we shall see How we can put my fears to rest. LEONOR: You are mad! ELISA: I am beside myself, to coin a phrase. LEONOR: But first we have to find a cape for you. You did not bring one with you in the chair? ELISA: There are capes in the chest in my room. LEONOR: You know, there is no cure for jealousy. You might as well ask blood from a turnip. ELISA: Tell me at once if you should hear my father. LEONOR: Me? And where am I supposed to hide? ELISA: Coral will put the board between the windows And you can call me from the balcony. LEONOR: I see you think his foolish trick will work. ELISA: Do I have a choice? I must believe it or else.
Exeunt. Enter Don ALONSO, Don PEDRO, and Don CARLOS with his arm in a sling
CARLOS: While hidden there and listening carefully I heard her lovely thoughts: that she discreetly Offered to be mine if only Ana Accepted Pedro and forgot Don Juan. Since we now know Don Juan has left Madrid To travel to Valencia, it looks As if there is nothing left to stop us now. ALONSO: Don Pedro's choice of Ana obliges us To see if we can help him in some way. PEDRO: I am most pleased with such pure loveliness; Ever since I stayed there as her guest, I am happy to adore and worship her. ALONSO: My niece will follow my advice because She sees me as her father and besides, Not only should I tell her everything, My purpose is to have her tell her cousin That she should start to plan her wedding day, Her marriage to Don Juan. If she does that, She will be happy marrying Don Carlos. PEDRO: Exaggerate a lot, since you must say, How much I plan to do to make her happy. ALONSO: I am pleased to make her come to accept Her unexpected fortune which awaits. I would do so anyway, for myself. Your involvement really does not matter. Even though she still must be asleep, She will thank me if I wake her when she hears.
Exeunt. A living room in Doņa Ana's house. ELISA, completely covered by her cape. Enter Don JUAN and CORAL
ELISA: This only proves how far someone will go When plagued by doubts. But having found you here Has freed my mind of all uncertainty. JUAN: Although you may not be uncertain while Good fortune tries to scatter these savage squalls Across the sea we know as love, remember: Storms grow fierce as they decrease in size And hide all hope behind their lowering clouds. But they will never run my dreams aground, Because your beauty like St. Elmo's fire Brings hope. Sit down so we can chart our course Over treacherous seas. In spite of wind and lightning, In spite of terror, we can vanquish fear. ELISA: Guard yourself against my father's wrath. It knows no bounds; arm yourself with patience, Because I have to leave you here alone. JUAN: I am filled with joy because you came. Since it is late, why are you afraid? ELISA: I think my father like Argos never sleeps. He watches me. He sees my every move. JUAN: You could escape across the balconies. CORAL: And I will make it safe for you while dawn Begins to plate the sapphire sky in silver.
JUAN: Let me have this time with you alone If only for a minute. ELISA: Why has fate Declared this war against my peace of mind?
ELISA and Don JUAN sit down with their backs to the door through which Don ALONSO enters. Don JUAN stands up while ELISA remains seated, her face covered by her cape
ALONSO: Heavens! What is this? I heard Elisa. The lights are on and the door is opened wide! My niece has risen earlier today! ELISA: (My father! Aside How did he know that I had left the house?)
Now what? JUAN: Keep covered. Do not show your fear. ALONSO: Don Juan! JUAN: Did you need me to help you, Sir? ALONSO: Tell me what has brought you to this house. JUAN: The knowledge that its owner is a man Who merits all men's honest praise; and more, The kindness he showed me has brought me here. ALONSO: But I had heard that you were in Valencia. JUAN: A little wound is not sufficient cause For me to be away for very long, Especially when I was the one insulted. ALONSO: Then where is Doņa Ana? JUAN: Her aunt fell ill And she just had to go to read the will Since she is one of the heirs. ALONSO: Who is that? JUAN: You tell me. What is wrong? ALONSO: Elisa?! Tell me why you are here so late. Right now! Is this the way to treat our family's name? Is this the way you spoil your reputation? Is this the way you ruin our family line? JUAN: Just what are you implying? Are you mad? ALONSO: How dare you speak that way to me, Don Juan. If I have not completely lost my mind I should avenge my honor, here and now, By killing you. And no one would assume That I had acted wrongly or in haste. I think you used some magic kind of key Evilly designed to open the door Which guards our peace of mind and find a way To ply your evil schemes. JUAN: Don Alonso! Sir! Try to keep those wild thoughts in control. Why, it is always such a shame to see A man whose years earn him good men's respect Act imprudently. Two nights ago You took your daughter from Madrid. It seems our love offends you very much. If she is still in Lerma, why are you mad? You imagine everyone disgraces you. Who has made you see those visions of disgrace? Now, look. This lady found me here in jail. Doņa Ana went to see her aunt... She is gravely ill, you know. This lady here Knows how much I do respect her love for me. I keep good faith with her most generous love, And she has found the cure for my distress: Her presence here. And she would like to stay. She trusts her honour to my courtesy And that is when you entered. Overlook Appearances. You need the right perspective. The worries that are plaguing you convince You every girl you see is your Elisa. Don Carlos blessed Ana's love for Pedro. They plan to marry, hoping you consent. Your ingrate daughter is not in Madrid. Then why do you forbid what you desire? ALONSO: Go ahead and try to make me think That I am mad so you can carry off Your trick more easily. I may be old... But you should know that my blood is not cold. JUAN: Calm down. ALONSO: Malicious tricks do not deserve A calm reply until that very moment They come face to face with punishment. How dare you hide this evidence from me! When I came up, I heard that voice and saw That cape, that hair, that lovely figure there. Her hair, her voice, her shape, I know them well. JUAN: Are there not in Madrid a thousand girls Who wear the same attire? ALONSO: I can prove How you have tried to trick me. Let me have Her cape. I will not wait any more.
He tries to uncover her face but Don JUAN stops him
JUAN: A man should never try to prove his doubts Are true, ignoring common decency, Especially when he might offend a woman. So be a gentleman. Remove your hand. Or else my hand will have no other choice But to disregard the respect I owe your age, That veneration your silver brows deserve. ALONSO: So you will not let me see her face?
He lifts the tapestries and strikes the walls
Had I that blade of steel the years retired! How dare you forge the keys which vice invents! But let my years examine and confirm That everything I thought was true is so. Just stay here as you were while I return To my own house. And if Elisa has gone, Although it means I risk her reputation, I have no choice. I have to trust the courts To do what I cannot do for myself. The courts defend what rights the old retain. But you forgot this key! You won't escape!
He removes the key, leaves, and locks them both in. CORAL enters
ELISA: Hurry, Coral! It is dangerous to delay! CORAL: Our drawbridge is quite safe. Go on across! JUAN: Good-bye, my love, my all. I will not sleep. My soul will watch like Argos through my eyes Eluding that disdain which threatens love.
Exeunt. Enter LEONOR and then ELISA
LEONOR: This game has made me mad! Unlike me, She felt no fear at all.
ELISA enters hurriedly, removing her cape
ELISA: Help, Leonor! Help me remove this cape and hide it! Now! LEONOR: Your father.... Is he here? ELISA: What to do?!
Folding the cape
LEONOR: And do you think he saw you with Don Juan? ELISA: He did. And I will tell you things which are Too terrible to think about...but later. He caught us both together unaware. LEONOR: Good God! And did he recognize you then? ELISA: Well, yes and no. But that is all for now. So hurry. Hide the cape. Get rid of it. If he should see it, I am lost for sure! LEONOR: But where in blazes am I going to hide it? ELISA: In the bed between the mattresses. But no! He is sure to look there first. Throw it out the window into the street. But he will see it then for sure because He is about to come across the street. LEONOR: Decide at once! What are we going to do? ELISA: Now wait. Let's take it down to our own room. LEONOR: That is even worse because I hear Your father coming up the stairs right now! ELISA: Then hide it in the sleeves of your dress! LEONOR: That is the worst idea you had today! I saw some play where they did that. My father Sees them all. ELISA: Then what are we to do? He's here! LEONOR: I have a trick I know will work! Let's hide it in my hair!
The cape should be of some fine white material. LEONOR takes down her hair and opens the cage which holds it in place and puts the cape inside. ELISA then helps her put her hair back up
ELISA: Now that is clever. LEONOR: The very best! Now help me fix the part. ELISA: Those who cry will never learn to laugh. LEONOR: I'll be bound if he can find it now. Now stop! No need to try to make it perfect.
From within
ALONSO: Leonor, unlock this door right now, I said!
Enter Don ALONSO and the others
ELISA: Why, Sir! Have you come back again? What's wrong? ALONSO: Oh, my God! I must be getting senile.
He looks around the room and touches all the walls and looks into the bedroom
Now how could you have found your way back here? ELISA: I do not understand what you are saying. Did you expect to find something in here Behind the drapes? Or hidden under the bed? ALONSO: Did you really think you would suceed? Where did you put the cape you wore today? ELISA: What cape? And when? You are imagining things. ALONSO: When you were with Don Juan. LEONOR: What do you mean? Oh, Sir. Have you completely lost your mind? ELISA: And why would I be caught with him? ALONSO: Foolish, Silly girl. I know how far you would go; Turn out your sleeves, the two of you. That's right.
He inspects the contents of their sleeves
Now let me see what you have in your pockets. LEONOR: Either you have lost your mind for sure Or you just want to see what you can get. ELISA: Oh, father, you are the man I most respect, What has come over you? Oh Lord! What is wrong? I think something has killed him! LEONOR: That cannot be. He is either suffering from some malady Brought on by all those years or Carlos has had A witch cast a spell on him. ELISA: Dear Father! Please tell me what is wrong! ALONSO: Go ahead And cry. Try to fool me with your lies. Could you have put it in the bed?
He goes into the bedroom
ELISA: Why do you Insist so, Father? I would never do Any thing to anger you. You are frightening me. I know I will pay for whatever you imagine To be wrong. LEONOR: (Why is love always cruel?) Aside ALONSO: Elisa, try not to be so upset. I went inside to find your cousin. There I found Don Juan and seated next to him A lady who, although she wore a veil, I know was worthy of respect; her dress Her bearing, her way of moving deceived me so That trusting in my first impression I Am sure that I offended them. I locked Them both inside the room and now I must Go back to let them out and try to ask Their pardon. What can one expect? I am old! And where there are gray heads, we alway find Suspicion, envy, every evil thought. ELISA: I am not sure I understand your meaning. LEONOR: (Well, that is certainly a clever trick!) Aside ALONSO: Should I succeed in marrying you to the count, I will allow you both, as the prize for all The joy you will have given me, the right To make a fool of me, if you so choose. It is only fair that you should right the wrong My relentlessness has caused you both. Now rest. You should not be up so late. It is almost dawn. When you are married, these sorrows will be your joy. Do you love the count a lot? ELISA: Well,...not a lot, But I will learn to love him ...gradually. LEONOR: That is how it usually is. It does Not often take us by surprise. ALONSO: I hear You say things to him tenderly. Remember: He is to come with me tonight at ten. I must release Don Juan! And you must find A way to pardon an old man's foolishness. And then you both must go to bed. Right now!
He exits, closing the door
ELISA: Leonor, give me the cape and tell Coral To put the bridge between the balconies. LEONOR: But why? ELISA: Don't you know? Why have I Gone through this? To be with my Don Juan. LEONOR: But I think it would be so much the better For me to go instead and not be seen By anyone, don't you? And if I wear The cape, he will be totally confused. ELISA: And what if he should recognize you? Well? This cape was the cause of all our trouble. LEONOR: Enough! Just help me with your dress and cape.
Removing them
ELISA: Alright.
Putting on ELISA's dress
LEONOR: This game is getting complicated. ELISA: Now the cape.
She puts it on
LEONOR: I am going to call the boatswain. Ahoy mate! Send the launch ashore for us! I think I saw the first light of the dawn. ELISA: There never has been love without intrigue. LEONOR: With enough finesse, I know I will succeed, And Madrid will long remember all our tricks: The cape, your hair and these two balconies.
Exeunt. A room in Doņa Ana's house. Don JUAN is alone
JUAN: Oh, child-like deity, do you not know Your very honor is at stake if you Can not escape the laberynth where you lost Your way so blindly? Calmly, bring your fires To light our way through tempests of confusion And bring us safely home through these wild seas.
Enter LEONOR with a cape covering her face
CORAL: Now go on in and I will raise the bridge. You will be like Leander, not at sea, But through the air, swimming on the wind.
JUAN: Tell me, my love, everything that happened. LEONOR: These tricks and these deceptions cannot help Our cause any longer since the count Convinced and won my father to his cause. Those two have overtaken me and I... seems so after to marry! JUAN: But that just cannot be! LEONOR: Oh, dear, oh, dear! Did you not say you wanted Anaxerete? Calm down. Do you not recognize me now?
She reveals her face
JUAN: You have again given me my life. Explain what this is all about. LEONOR: No time To explain events of these last few days. Sit down just as you were before we were Surprised by Don Alonso and see a miracle.
Don ALONSO and Don ALVARO come to a side door; LEONOR, her face covered again with the cape sits next to Don JUAN. CORAL enters at the end of the scene
ALONSO: This way I will find out the truth, my friend. Go now and see if Elisa is in her room. Just take this key and go in quietly. If I find the lady with the cape is here And if you see my daughter there, I will know How truly mistaken I was after all. JUAN: I am certain you will come back pleased. ALONSO: No. I'll be ashamed. Forgive me, ma'am, If I allowed myself to think the worst Because of what you wore.... (Good Lord, the hair Aside The figure, everything! She is Elisa!) ALVARO: I simply must know just what is going on. ALONSO: But do so that no one will notice you.
(May Heaven free me from these awful doubts; Aside The cape, the dress...convince me I am right. But I just left her locked inside her room! JUAN: Keep your doubts from getting the upper hand. And let your fears lead to friendship, Sir. Allow what you yourself have seen to make A place for good will in your heart; and I, I will think of you and me as friends. ALONSO: To prove We are at peace at last, let these two arms Offer my congratulations! You shall wed The lady sitting next to you and make Elisa even more content to be The bride of Count Don Carlos. Doņa Ana, In whose house you are, will marry Pedro. JUAN: The god of Love shows the power of his realm By making the impossible come true. I wish all four four centuries of joy. ALONSO: May Heaven grant you, Juan, a thousand years To live your life beside such loveliness. Good-bye. Now take your key. It belongs to you.
LEONOR: Let's leave the cape right here because should he Decide to search me there again, there is No place to hide it. CORAL: Now come on. Let's go. LEONOR: Let's go, Coral. CORAL: Have a pleasant trip!
CORAL and LEONOR exeunt
JUAN: The dawn has spilled its seed pearls over the scarlet Eastern sky. If only it would bless My hope with joy before the swallows sing. I hear them talking on their balconies. Elisa's father had best not harm her or I will defend her, though it mean my death.
Exit. Enter Don ALONSO and the Count
ALONSO: How good it is to see you up so early. I visited my niece today and know I will have her and Don Pedro married at once. CARLOS: Since jealousy so seldom sleeps, its pain Woke me in fear before the dawn lest I Should lose my happiness because I slept. ALONSO: Your sensibilities give you away. Elisa's love is now completely yours.
ELISA and LEONOR are behind a curtain watching; Don ALVARO, Don CARLOS and Don JUAN, and the others are all now there
LEONOR: "Well, now you are going to get it," said Agrajes. ALONSO: Alvaro, you were here all along? ALVARO: Yes, I was here, displeased and angry, too, Because you did not trust her. So it seemed. ALONSO: Now that is quite enough. I was mistaken. JUAN: Don Alonso, you must grant me this: That it is only right to assure oneself And overcome all difficulties while I make our wedding plans. Since I found you Here with the count, without the need to search, I want to clear all obstacles away. Just because I praised Elisa's beauty... ...obviously an error which I never Should have made...this man now steals her love, Forgetting friendship's customs and its laws. There is now every reason to suspect That once he learns to whom I give my love That he will change again and leave Elisa. And try to win away the love I won! I stand before you both to hear you swear That this will not occur. ALONSO: You need not fear. JUAN: Both of you must hear me speak my mind. If the jewel whom I adore considered you Her father and wished to marry me, would you Agree? ALONSO: You say she thinks of me as her father? JUAN: She swears that it is so. ALONSO: Who is she, then? JUAN: The girl you found with me a while ago, The girl who would not let you see her face. ALONSO: Well, have you ever heard of such a thing? She claims to be a relative of mine? JUAN: Because of you she says her blood is royal. ALONSO: It must be Doņa Ana; I am sure of that. JUAN: That does not matter: Ana, or someone else, What is your reply? ALONSO: If she had hurt you so And now that pain has turned back into joy May Heaven grant you both a hundred years Of happiness together, and children, too, To keep your love for life alive. JUAN: Accept My heartfelt thanks. And you, Don Carlos, agree To all you have heard said here. CARLOS: Providing we Can put an end to any bitterness Which might remain between us, I agree. JUAN: Then swear to it. CARLOS: My word is all you need. JUAN: Then nothing can be done but say good-bye. ALONSO: But, first, do tell us who your lady is! JUAN: Trust me for now you must not know her name. And gentlemen, do not forget your oath. LEONOR: (Oh, now I understand what he has done!) Aside
ELISA and LEONOR withdraw
JUAN: Soon you will see me with the one I love.
PEDRO: The subtlety of his ingenuity Has reached the limit of the possible. ALONSO: I am not sure that I quite understand. PEDRO: I mean how love, together with men's wit, Can make events transpire in such a way That they appear absurd, ridiculous, But to our dismay they are so sadly true. ALONSO: And what do you mean now by saying that? PEDRO: Well, balconies are now a bridge to cross Which people feared because they saw the void. Come see what ingenuity can do! CARLOS: Would you explain yourself to me for once? PEDRO: To understand you really must come see How men can sail through inlets of the wind. ALONSO: The night has worked her arts again, I say, Confusing the best minds we have today.
Exeunt. A street outside Doņa ANA's and Don ALONSO's houses. The two balconies are joined by a wide board scaffold. Don JUAN, CORAL, ELISA and LEONOR are on Doņa ANA's balcony
JUAN: More often, all decisions made with love Are for the best. You need not fear, Elisa. ELISA: Too late for fear or even thinking twice.
ELISA and Don JUAN walk out onto the scaffold
CORAL: Ladies and gentlemen: Do not quake or tremble. For none of us would like to fall and crack Like soft-boiled eggs. LEONOR: Coral. Do not let go!
LEONOR walks carefully across. CORAL ventures across the scaffold
CORAL: Oh Saint Harlequin protect me now! I think I heard the old man blow his nose!
Don ALONSO looks out from his balcony together with Don CARLOS and Don PEDRO. Don ALONSO and Don CARLOS are on their balcony; ELISA, Don JUAN, CORAL, and LEONOR on the scaffold
ELISA: My father and the count are on the balcony! We have to turn around and go back in! ALONSO: What I see cannot be happening! JUAN: There is no choice: your freedom or I die.
As Don JUAN and ELISA try to return to Doņa ANA's balcony, Doņa ANA appears there with Don PEDRO
ANA: A woman! Hidden in my house!!! Don Pedro, The sorrows I have suffered now demand You make amends somehow for such an outrage! PEDRO: If you have known great sorrow, just recall How I have experienced sorrow, but in love. ANA: Is this the way you pay your debts, Don Juan? Remember how I put myself in danger? PEDRO: Traitor! Prepare to die by your own design; The only way you will ever escape is this!
He draws his sword
CARLOS: And this sword, too, will clear the way for rage. The sword is the only exit for rebellious souls.
CARLOS and ALONSO draw their swords
CORAL: This is not a bridge! It's a trap! Men will call this the bridge of Mantible, A bridge where we found giants standing guard. JUAN: This lady is the one you saw with me, Her face was hidden by her cape; remember? You swore she would become my wife because She called you father. Carlos, you swore, too, And noblemen must keep their word or die. ELISA: You cannot force another person's will. Good Count, like every nobleman you must First triumph o'er yourself; courtesy, then, Be as great in generosity as in love. CARLOS: Her reasons and her eloquence deserve Our respect. From this day on I will protect Your love and call Don Juan my friend as well. And if your father will have me as well, I do believe that such a son-in-law Would bring him happiness also, don't you? Although I have not kept myself in check, I swear that I will be the enemy Of anyone who fails to respect Don Juan. ALONSO: I have never seen such foolishness! ELISA: But, father! LEONOR: My dear, dear man! ALONSO: Since all of you Insist, and God has let it be, let Love Make up the plot, since one old man cannot Withstand so many joined as one together. JUAN: Your generosity humbles me. (He kneels.) CARLOS: Then let us reunite our wills again Although we were disturbed by rivalries, And forge an ever-lasting peace, a bond Which first appears as Doņa Ana gives Her hand to our Don Pedro. ANA: And I respect This pact much more because it comes from you.
CORAL: Well, since your pure and virgin title still Remains beyond the bonds of marriage, we have No other choice, both you and I, but to take Most holy vows and find our monastery. Which one is most suitable to you? LEONOR: Oh, no you don't! For you are mine alone! CARLOS: Well, then, you mean that there is no escape? Then with this night have ended all our sorrows. Confusion often ends at break of dawn. The sun has risen once again and brings Us peace and joy. JUAN: So this is how Love has His way with us and works his miracles! LEONOR: So this is how I ply my trade, my friends! Remember: in love, never trust a woman. CORAL: "The Balconies of Madrid" has come to an end. The poet asks me not to give his name.


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Additional formatting by Matthew D. Stroud

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