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Escena:  Madrid, Cubas (Convento de la Cruz), y Torrejón.



labradora, villana

Da. Ana Manrique

dama, viuda de D. Jorge


pastor, labrador, villano


caballero noble italiano, preso




pastor, labrador, villano

Cristo (Nuestro Señor)

Personaje Bíblico, Aparecido

D. Diego

caballero viejo, padre de D. Luis

Elvirilla (Elvira)

niña, hija de Crespo

Da. Inés

noble, cásase con D. Luis


Niño, Personaje Bíblico, Aparecido

D. Jorge

caballero noble, aparecido

D. Juan

caballero, aparecido, "voz de un alma"

Santa Juana de la Cruz

santa, monja, aparecida después

San Laurel

Angel de la Guarda, santo

Sr. Lercio



lacayo de D. Luis, criado, alcahuete (alcagüete), gracioso

D. Luis

caballero, ¿traidor?

María (Nuestra Señora, reparto) Madre, Personaje Bíblico, Aparecida



Mari Crespa

villana, esposa de Crespo


categoría desconocida


pastor, labrador, villano



P. anón.:  un ángel (*322a, acot. 3; R I, *894a, acot.; *760a, acot. 2; no habla); otra monja (habla 327a; 901a; 767a; habla otra monja pero no se sabe cuándo entró ésta, 328a; R I, la que habla no es otra, sino la misma monja); una niña (habla 329a; 903; 770a; se llama Elvirilla); voz de un alma (330a, 905b, 771b; es la voz de D. Juan); pastores (*331a, acot. 3, *907a, acot. 2; *773a, acot. 3; hablan todos 331a; 907a; 773b); una monja (¿la misma, habla 331b; 907b; 773b?); monjas (con la Santa) (*331b, acot. 2; *907b, acot. 2; *773b, acot. 2; no hablan).


Luis and César are arguing about Doña Inés, whom César has pledged to marry.  Now Luis, too, wants her, and they have drawn their swords when Diego, Luis's father, arrives and stops the fights.  Luis is disrespectful toward his father and leaves.  Diego begs César to forgive Luis and renew their friendship, and he, in turn, will persuade Luis to leave Inés alone.  Diego has brought Luis from Torrejón to Madrid because he was involved with Aldonza, a peasant girl, and had promised to marry her -- and all this after the upbringing he had by Juana, who was like his mother.  Diego prevails upon Luis to swear not to bother Inés, although Luis has no intention of fulfilling his promise.  In fact, he goes directly to Inés, who is angry with him for having believed what César said about her being his lover. Meanwhile, Juana has a vision in which Christ gives her a crown of thorns, a cross, and three nails, telling her that she will suffer the Passion every Friday, although He removes the stigmata that she had received earlier.

Aldonza now comes and lets Inés know of Luis's former attentions to her; she leads Inés to believe that Luis had seduced her, although that was not the case.  After hearing Aldonza's story, Inés decides to reject Luis and go back to César.  In an effort to bring Luis to his senses, Diego sends Lillo (who since Jorge's death has been Luis's servant) to the Convent of La Cruz with a message and a gift for Juana.  Lillo does not want to go, for the villagers are still angry with him for aiding Jorge with Mari Pascuala, but Diego insists.  When Lillo arrives in Cubas he finds Crespo, Mingo, and Berrueco with Juana, who is praying for the recovery of Crespo's talkative wife, whom he has beaten because she talks too much.  The poor woman recovers, and the villagers then get revenge on Lillo by giving him a purgative, promising the same treatment for all alcahuetes.


Luis promises to love Aldonza if she will tell him what is going on between Inés and César, but after she informs him that Inés has arranged a tryst with César for that night, he (Luis) spurns her.  Lillo, meanwhile, has returned with a note from Juana, telling Diego to be firmer with Luis.  When Diego talks to his son, however, he is unable to refuse him anything and even promises to have César taken prisoner and kept in jail that night.

María, one of the nuns, asks Juana to pray for Jorge's wife, Doña Ana, who is ill.  Juana wonders about Jorge and subsequently has a vision of him inside a flaming bull, but in Purgatory.  Jorge speaks to her, saying that he will be saved thanks to her mercy and assistance.  Juana then goes to see Doña Ana, quickly flying there with the aid of her Guardian Angel's wings in order to cure her of her illness.

That night Luis, pretending to be César, seduces Inés.  While he is in her house, however, his father passes by and, upon seeing Lillo, immediately knows what is going on.  Meanwhile, César has bought his way out of jail and hurries off to see Inés, arriving as Luis is departing.  When he denies being the man who was just with her, she becomes furious, thinking he is trying to get out of marrying her.

Christ and Mary appear to Juana and tell her that she is soon to die.  She asks for two favors before she dies:  that Jorge get out of Purgatory and that Luis repent and live a good life.  After some hesitation over Luis, Jesus grants her two wishes.


Luis has gambled away his father's money and they have returned to Torrejón.  He continues to be disrespectful to his father, pushing him down and even kicking him.  The Guardian Angel tells Juana to look inside a little chest, where she will find a crown, nails, and a surprise, which turns out to be the Holy Sacrament.  Upon seeing this miracle, all the nuns are greatly moved.  Juana, who now knows that she is to die the next day, is ecstatic.  Crespo comes to ask Juana's aid for his ill daughter, and Diego, to ask for her intercession on behalf of Luis.  Crespo's daughter is brought in, already dead, but Juana's prayers bring her back to life.  As for Luis, he hears the voice of a former friend who is now in Purgatory, who speaks to him and then touches his hand, causing him (Luis) to burn.  Repentant, Luis comes to Juana and the others begging their forgiveness, whereupon they all forgive him and he stops burning.  He confesses that it was he, not César, who was with Inés, and he and she will marry and restore her honor.  Santa Juana ascends into Heaven, where she is welcomed by Jesus and received with gifts of His cross, nails and crown of thorns.  All those left below marvel and are astounded by her piety.


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