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Abén Rogel


Alí Petrán

Príncipe de Toledo, moro, capitán, Infante, capellán después, converso después


Rey de Toledo, moro, padre de Alí Petrán


mora, dama-criada (sirve a Casilda), prima de Casilda, ¿traidora?

Da. Blanca

¿noble?, cásase con D. Tello


pastor, villano


princesa mora, santa, infanta, hermana de Alí, prima de Axa, ermitañesa después, conversa después

D. Diego




D. García


Gila Alonso

villana, madre de Pascual



D. Gutierre


Juan Pascual (Pascualillo, Pascualejo, Pascualote)

rústico, gracioso, villano, pastor, serrano, cautivo

Mari Pablos (Marica) (Pabros, Pedros)

villana, serrana, cásase con Juan Pascual

María (Nuestra Señora, reparto)

Madre, Personaje Bíblico, Aparecida



D. Tello de Velasco



nombre que le da Juan Pascual a su esposa

Tomé de la Sal

nombre religioso de Pascual

San Vicente

santo, aparecido

P. anón.:  tres moros (dos moros en reparto) (hablan 32a, R II, 19b); dos cautivos (hablan 36b, 25a); voces dentro (*37a; *26b); el Rey Moro de Toledo (habla 37a; 26a; se llama Almenón); acompañamiento del Rey (*46b, acot.; *40a, acot.; no habla); moros (*46b, acot.; *40a, acot.; no hablan); una voz (*49a, *43b); seis ángeles (*51b, acot. 1; *46b, acot. 1; no hablan); músicos (4 cuadrillos) (cantan 53b, 50a); (los pastores, reparto; no aparecen).


Pascual, a peasant, meets King Fernando, who is out hunting. When the King removes his glove, Pascual is fascinated, thinking that it is part of Fernando's skin. Tello then comes to tell Fernando that he has wounded Diego, one of Fernando's favorites, and that he is going to Toledo to ask the Moorish king for protection. Tello's reason for stabbing Diego is that when he (Tello) returned from the wars he found that Diego, to whom he had entrusted Blanca, his sweetheart, and Blanca were in love and that Blanca was pregnant. Diego's wound is not fatal, however, and the King decides that Blanca and Diego will marry, although she seems to be a little confused about whether she prefers Diego or Tello.

In the meantime Tello has gone to Toledo and has met the Moorish Prince Alí, who admires Tello's bravery. The two of them are becoming friends. Alí offers to help Tello oust Fernando so that Tello can be king, but Tello asks him for help only in stealing Blanca and bringing her to Toledo.

Casilda, the daughter of the Moorish King, is interested in Christianity; she helps the Christian prisoners and is learning about their religion from them. In a conversation with her cousin Axa, she points out many defects that she has found in the Koran. Her cousin defends Islam, however, and suggests that a serious (but unidentified) illness from which Casilda suffers is, in fact, a punishment from Allah for defying his law.

Casilda has trouble understanding the concept of the Trinity, but when she hears two captives comparing it to a spring from which three streams come forth she understands. Later she has a vision of San Vicente, who tells her that by means of fire and water she can become a Christian and that she must look for Los Lagos de San Vicente, which will cure her illness.


Blanca is now with Tello in the Moorish court. The King speaks of Casilda's illness, of how sad it is since she is so lovely otherwise. Casilda is brought in after having suffered a fainting spell. When she regains consciousness she remembers the lakes that San Vicente told her about and she asks to speak to Tello, thinking he can advise her in this matter. Blanca is jealous that Casilda and Tello are along together. Axa adds to her emotional turmoil by telling her that Casilda loves Tello, that Alí loves her (Blanca) and that she can become his queen, and that Diego is in Toledo, but Blanca cannot have him because she (Axa) loves him.

In a long conversation with Tello about her new faith in Christianity, Casilda explains about God, Adam and Eve, Christ, and the Christian doctrine in general. She wants Tello to baptize her.

Axa informs Alí of Blanca's resolve to marry him, provided that he will take vengeance on Tello for her. Alí then accuses Tello of being a false friend in having rejected Blanca in favor of Casilda. Tello denies loving Casilda and professes his love for Blanca. Alí promises to intercede with King Fernando for Tello so that he and Blanca can marry and return to Castile.

Pascual has been brought to the Moorish court as a prisoner, and he aids Casilda in smuggling food to the other Christian captives. Axa learns what they are doing and tells the King, who finds Casilda and Pascual with a large basket. When Axa uncovers it, however, it is full of flowers, just as Casilda had said. The King marvels at how sweet the flowers smell. He promises to grant Casilda a favor that she wants to discuss with him in secret.


Casilda's father has made a truce with King Fernando and she has been granted a month to look for the Lagos de San Vicente, which she thinks will cure her. She is received at his court by Fernando, who sends Tello along to help her search. Axa accuses Casilda of just wanting to be with Tello, of not really believing in Christianity at all. Casilda, however, miraculously flies away, and Tello sets out to follow her.

Meanwhile Alí is making war on the Castilians. He plans to kill a group of Christians that he has captured, but the Virgin Mary appears to him and he, like another Saul, is converted to Christianity. Six angels come down on clouds, Mary baptizes him and he vows to stay in that spot as Her chaplain to do Her work.

Pascual returns to Castile, only to learn that Mari Pablos, his love, is to marry Gilote. This news makes him very angry, but when he meets Mari Pablos they settle their differences and all is well. Blanca, meanwhile, tells Fernando that Casilda and Tello, of whom she is jealous, are really his enemies and represent a grave threat to his kingdom. The King promises a swift and severe punishment for them if what she says is true.

Tello arrives to tell them that he followed Casilda, who flew to the place where some lakes sprang up, and their waters cured her. There she is building a hermitage to San Vicente, which they all go to see. Although others tried to tear it down because of jealousy, she prayed and God promised her to restore it. Now all the ruins have been gathered together and they fly to the top of the mountain, where the building lands all intact. Fernando decrees that Blanca and Tello will marry that he (the King) will be the patron of the hermitage and that Diego will marry in Burgos. They all admire Casilda and her miracles and the promise of more cures to come in the marvelous waters of the Lagos de San Vicente.


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