caballero francés


¿noble? inglés (escocés), privado, esposo de Margarita


categoría desconocida


pastor francés, gracioso, rústico, villano, serrano


Duque de Bretaña, francés, viudo, padre de Rogerio

Clarencia, Duque de

noble inglés (escocés), padre de Margarita, viejo


Duquesa de Orliens, dama francesa, sobrina del Duque de Bretaña, prima de Enrique, cásase con Enrique


conde francés


Señor de Castel y Fuen-Molino, caballero, hidalgo, noble francés


pastora francesa, labradora, cásase con Filipo


Duquesa de Bretaña, francesa


serrana, villana, inglesa, rústica, labradora, pastora, noble, prima de Margarita, cásase con Rogerio


Duquesa de Clarencia, inglesa (escocesa), viuda


hidalgo, ¿noble?, francés


bachiller, villano francés, duque después, hidalgo, hijo natural del Duque de Bretaña, bastardo  


categoría desconocida  

P. anón.: un criado (habla 252b; R II, 713b; ¿el mismo 256b, 723a?; también 263c, 741a; otro 264b, 724a?); acompañamiento (253a, acot.; 714a; acot. 5; no habla; 257c, acot. 1; 726a, acot. 1; no habla); un criado (¿otro, habla 258a, 727b?); un paje (habla 262b, 738a)


Rogerio has returned from Paris, where he has been studying. He and Leonisa love each other, although she is a peasant and he a gentleman. She came from England at the age of three with her father, an employee of Pinardo who ostensibly is Rogerio's father. Upon his return, Rogerio learns that his father wants Leonisa to marry Filipo and that her father says that she is worthy of Filipo, even though he is a nobleman. Rogerio tries to convince Pinardo that Leonisa should not marry Filipo, and she agrees, but Pinardo is firm in his decision.

Now that his wife has died, the Duque de Bretaña acknowledges Rogerio as his illegitimate son and wants him to marry his niece, Clemencia. Clemencia, however, loves Enrique and has promised him that she will not forget him and will love Rogerio only as a cousin. Acceding to the Duke's wishes, Rogerio takes Clemencia's hand as they are talking. Leonisa, however, witnesses this scene and walks between them on the pretense of looking for an earring she has lost. Rogerio takes an earring from Clemencia as a love token, but Leonisa in turn takes it from him, claiming that it is her lost earring. At the moment a servant comes to say that the Duke is calling for them, but Rogerio and Leonisa have the opportunity to exchange a few words, in which he says he still loves her and that she will kill him if she marries Filipo, but yet he admits that the circumstances have changed now that he is a duke.


Rogerio is sad because he cannot marry Leonisa, but he tells the Duke that it is because he is taking his new responsibilities very seriously. Leonisa comes to visit him at the Duke's palace, but he tells her that he must marry Clemencia, that he loved her (Leonisa) when he thought he was Pinardo's son but can no longer love her now that he is a duke, and that she should marry someone else.

Overhearing Clemencia and Enrique talking, Leonisa learns that Enrique loves Clemencia, who is, however, determined to marry Rogerio, once the dispensation for the cousins to marry comes from Rome. Later Leonisa suggests to Enrique that they plot together so that through jealousy each can win his love. As a part of this plot, Carlín falsely tells Clemencia that he has delivered a message to Rogerio from Leonisa, thus causing Clemencia to be jealous. Carlín then tells Rogerio that Leonisa is unhappy that she cannot marry Rogerio, but that Felipo is courting her and she will probably give in.

Enrique, meanwhile, has taken in a relative of his, Margarita, the Duquesa de Clarencia, who has been banished from Scotland. He plans for Leonisa to impersonate Margarita, while the real Margarita stays in seclusion at a castle of Enrique's. Enrique is to pretend to love "Margarita" and to want to marry her. At the same time the Duke learns that Margarita has had to leave Scotland because a noble there, a favorite of the King, had her father killed and then persuaded the King to marry her to him. In order to get revenge, Margarita killed him immediately after the wedding, and then fled. The Duke plans to protect Margarita, although he has received a petition from the King of Scotland asking him to return her to him. Soon, Enrique brings "Margarita" to the Duke's palace, where Rogerio meets her and notes her resemblance to Leonisa. Later, once again dressed as herself, Leonisa tells Rogerio that she is going to marry Filipo.


Rogerio tries to convince Filipo not to marry Leonisa, but Pinardo reminds Filipo that he has given his word. Filipo points out that Leonisa's virtue makes up for her lack of nobility, thereby causing Rogerio to admit to himself that he ought to have looked at it that way. He still plans to try to win Leonisa. Meanwhile, Enrique receives permission from the Duke to marry "Margarita." Enrique is concerned, however, because he had hoped that Rogerio would want to marry her, since she looks so much like Leonisa.

Leonisa, as Margarita, and Firela, dressed in English garb as Margarita's lackey, appear and are seen by Carlín, who recognizes them and finally decides that he is dreaming. After the departure of Carlín and Firela, "Margarita" is joined by Enrique, the Duke, Clemencia and Rogerio. Rogerio manages to speak privately to "Margarita." She agrees to marry him and he gives her a ring. Clemencia, meanwhile, is jealous of Enrique and "Margarita" because she thinks they are to marry. Rogerio then advises Enrique that he wants to marry "Margarita" and that Enrique can have Clemencia. Enrique replies that he no longer loves Clemencia, but will marry Leonisa, since she looks so much like "Margarita," Rogerio is perturbed after Enrique tells him that he has already told Leonisa that they will marry.

At Filipo's house Leonisa, Firela, Pinardo and Filipo are preparing for the wedding of Leonisa and Filipo. When Rogerio appears Leonisa reminds him that he told her to get married. He wants her to marry him, however, and gives her a ring. Leonisa, of course, knows that he is is already pledged to "Margarita," and thereby she has promised to marry him twice. Rogerio, too, is confused and upset at finding himself engaged to two different women, but he finally decides that he truly loves Leonisa and will marry her.

The Duke, accompanied by Clemencia and Enrique, arrives, demanding to know why Rogerio has called off the marriage of Enrique and "Margarita," Rogerio explains that he knew that Clemencia and Enrique loved each other. When Enrique denies loving Clemencia any longer and affirms his desire to wed "Margarita," Rogerio tells them that "Margarita" is his wife, thereby evoking a quick denial from Leonisa, who shows the ring he gave her as evidence of their betrothal. At this point Rogerio announces his intention to marry Leonisa. Shocked, the Duke complains that she is not noble. The real Margarita appears now, however, and explains that Leonisa is her cousin. Leonisa's father had to flee his homeland, as did Margarita herself but he was noble. She further informs them that the Scottish King has died and she is now free to return home. Enrique admits that he was responsible for Leonisa's being an imposter in the hope that he could make Clemencia jealous and thus win her back. The Duke gives permission for Rogerio to marry Leonisa and for Enrique to marry Clemencia.


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