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D. Alonso

caballero viejo, padre de Da. Mayor

Da. Ana de Castro

noble portuguesa, cásase con D. Rodrigo

D. Baltasar de Córdoba



criado (de D. Baltasar), lacayo, gracioso


criada de Da. Mayor, cásase con Carreño


posible nombre fingido de Carreño

D. Diego

caballero portugués, primo de Da. Ana

Da. Elena

dama, prima de Da. Mayor, cásase con D. Felipe

D. Felipe Chacón



criado (de D. Luis)


criado de D. Alonso

Gonzalo de Aguilera

caballero, deudo de D. Alonso

D. Juan


Juan de Frías

caballero, deudo de D. Alonso

Lucas Berrío (Berrico)

criado, mozo de camino, palafrenero,  mozo de mulas, sobrestante (del ganado), rústico, nombre fingido de D. Baltasar

D. Luis de Salazar

noble, hidalgo


criada de D. Alonso, esposa de González

Da. Mayor de Toledo

dama cásase con D. Baltasar




criado (de D. Luis)

D. Pedro

caballero, hermano de Da. Mayor

D. Rodrigo Almeida

noble portugués

D. Sancho

caballero, nombre fingido de D. Luis

P. anón.: carreteros, dentro (495c, acot. 2; R III, 828b, acot. 3; hablan cuatro, 496a, 829b); cantan dentro (*496a, acot. 1; *829b, acot.1)


Don Baltasar, after wounding someone who attacked him, escapes into a house, where he finds himself locked in Doña Mayor's bedroom. He goes to sleep, and she comes in, sees him and faints. He awakens and wakes her, and they talk and fall in love. She is to go to Madrid the next day to marry Don Luis, whom she does not love. In the meantime, Baltasar's servant, Carreño, meets Diego, who is Doña Ana's cousin. Diego is worried about Baltasar, who is supposed to marry Ana. He fears that Baltasar is untrue. Carreño promises to check for him. Baltasar tells Felipe, whom he is visiting, about Mayor, and Casilda brings Baltasar a letter from Mayor, saying that a servant has been found dead and implying that she hopes to see him again. Encouraged, he plans to arrange this.


Doña Mayor is on her way to Madrid with her father (Don Alonso), Luis Medrano, and Baltasar, who is disguised as muleteer. Mayor, pretending to be sick in the coach, rides Baltasar's mule as he walks beside her. Thus, Baltasar gets a chance to tell Mayor that he came to Toledo because of a legal affair and he might end-up a marqués. Meanwhile, Carreño and Felipe are following to see what will happen, as is Diego. Carreño informs Diego of the situation. Diego reacts by wanting to kill Baltasar because he is not true to Ana, but Carreño advises that it will be better to talk to him privately. Diego decides that this is true.

Mayor's mule "runs away," after Baltasar poked it in the dark, and he runs after her. He takes this opportunity to tell her about Ana, but says he does not love her any more and that Ana has another love. Mayor says that she has a plan to have him arrested for the death of her servant in Toledo and that she will go to see Ana to reassure herself on that point. Luis is looking for them and overhears the end of their conversation, when they speak of marrying. Mayor pacifies Luis, by telling him it was just a joke, that Baltasar was talking romantically and that she had led him on for a joke. He believes her and tells "Lucas" (Baltasar) that he will be the padrino at their wedding.


Alonso and Felipe have met at an Inn. Felipe says he is on his way to Madrid, too, to fight for the king. Felipe then talks to Elena, telling her that he had to see her. Carreño and Casilda also talk, and he says he loves her. The joke goes on about "Lucas" and his marriage to Mayor. While they are waiting for a wheel to be fixed, they have a mock wedding, but Baltasar and Mayor are serious. Felipe and Elena, as well as Carreño and Casilda, are also betrothed. Diego arrives and tells Baltasar that he must marry Ana, for Rodrigo, her other suitor, has been killed. Baltasar puts him off, agreeing, but asking to wait until they get to Madrid. Mayor overhears this conversation and orders Baltasar arrested for having killed the servant. He escapes, however. Felipe and Carreño set out to find Baltasar; Felipe wants Baltasar and Mayor to get together as it will help him with Elena. They go to the monastery of San Isidro, where Luis's servants have prepared for the wedding of Luis and Mayor. The others arrive, but Mayor refuses to marry Luis until "Lucas" is found and in prison. Baltasar returns and reveals his true identity. He and Mayor assert that their wedding vows were sincere and that they are legally married. Felipe supports them. Luis leaves in a rage. Diego brings the news that Ana has married Rodrigo, who was not dead after all, so that Baltasar is free to marry Mayor, whereupon Alonso gives his blessing to Mayor and Baltasar. The marriages of Felipe and Elena, and Carreño and Casilda, are declared to be valid, too. Baltasar remarks that a great deal can happen in the short journey from Toledo to Madrid.


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