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pastor, labrador, serrano, villano


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pastor, labrador, serrano, villano


criado de D. Guillén, lacayo, ¿alcahuete?

D. Gastón de Bardaji

caballero, noble Señor de Estercuel, privado, hermano de Da. Petronila

D. Guillén de Montalbán

Comendador de Santiago, noble, caballero, capitán, preso, prisionero, hidalgo


categoría desconocida


categoría desconocida


pastora, serrana, labradora, ¿presa?, hija de Niso


bandolero, capitán, nombre fingido de Laurencia





María (Nuestra Señora, reparto)

Madre, Personaje Bíblico, Aparecida


pastor, rústico


pastor, labrador, serrano, villano


pastor viejo, alcalde, labrador, serrano, villano, capitán

Pedro de Armengol (no habla)

santo, aparecido

Da. Petronila

noble, cásase con D. Guillén


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Ramón (no habla)

santo, aparecido



Serapión (no habla)

santo, aparecido

P. anón.: labradores (*208a, acot.; R I, *1173a, acot.; *1045a, acot.; no hablan, 219a, acot.; 1190a, acot. 2; 1063b, acot.; no hablan; 230b, acot. 3; 1207b, acot. 2; 1080b, acot. 3; no hablan; 232b, acot.; 1210a, acot. 3; 1083a, acot. 3; no hablan); un criado (*210b, acot. 1; *1176a, acot.; *1048b, acot. 1; habla 210b; 1176a; 1048b); criados (*213b, acot. 2, *1182a, acot. 2, *1054b, acot. 2; no hablan; 220b, acot. 1; 1192b acot. 2; 1065b, acot. 2; hablan todos 220b; 1193a; 1066a); villanos (*222b, acot. 4; *1196a, acot.; *1068b, acot. 4, hablan todos, 224a; 1198a; 1070b); bandoleros (*225a, acot. 2; *1199a, acot. 4, *1072ª, acot. 4, hablan todos 225b; 1199b; 1072b); un bandolero (habla 228a, 1204b, 1077a); voces (dentro) (*228b; *1205a; *1078a).


In the early part of the thirteenth century, Don Gastón has just returned from fighting with the forces of Jaime of Aragon in recapturing Valencia from the Moors. He tells of the holy signs that came to Jaime before the battle and also speaks of the founding of the Mercedarian Order by Fray Pedro Nolasco. Gastón plans for Maroto, one of his shepherds, to marry Laurencia, Niso's daughter. Maroto is none too pleased with this idea, nor is Laurencia, who is in love with don Guillén, the Comendador de Santiago. Guillén is something of a ladies' man, but he tells Laurencia that he really loves her.

One night Guillén has arranged to come to Laurencia at her house, but when he arrives, unbeknownst to him, Maroto is there too, standing guard over Laurencia. Laurencia tells Guillén that her father is not yet asleep and that he will have to return later. Guillén climbs up on the back of his servant, Gallardo, in order to take her hand, and he tells her to go to see if her father is asleep yet. At this point Maroto calls for help from the other shepherds, shouting that there are robbers at Laurencia's house. Guillén flees, vowing that Maroto will pay for this.

When the others come Maroto tells them that he was dreaming that a robber came to steal a jewel from Laurencia when he called out to them. He then declares that he does not want to get married now and that he will not marry until his head is on backwards, and then only to a bride who issues from an olive grove. Gastón does not want to force marriage on anyone, so the wedding of Maroto and Laurencia is called off.


Gastón has chosen Guillén to marry his sister, Petronila, who is overjoyed with this arrangement because she's in love with Guillén. Guillén, although promised to Petronila, seizes Laurencia in the presence of Petronila and the shepherds and with the help of Gallardo carries her off to rape her. Niso and the other shepherds swear revenge, as does Gastón, who asks the others to let him take care of the matter, since it was his sister and one of his shepherdesses who were offended. In spite of everything, Petronila still loves Guillén and asks Gastón to forgive him and not to hurt him.

After violating Laurencia, Guillén throws her out for Gallardo to enjoy. Gallardo complains that he always gets the leftovers -- be they food, shoes, or women. Laurencia slaps him and, vowing vengeance, leaves him to go seek out the villagers. When she finds them, they are discussing the situation, and she berates them for only talking and not acting to avenge her. In a very emotional speech she calls them cowards, even less than chickens and other animals who would defend their own. After she leaves, the villagers decide to take matters into their own hands, even though Gastón had asked them not to, and they burn down Guillén's property. In the meantime Gastón has challenged Guillén and they are about to fight when Gallardo brings the news of the fire. Guillén goes off to see about his property, and Gastón postpones his revenge until later.

Laurencia, dressed as a man, has joined Roberto and his group of bandits who have agreed to help her in her avowed intention of taking her revenge on all men other than themselves. Shortly thereafter, Guillén and Gallardo come along and are captured by Laurencia and the bandits. Their capture is followed by that of Maroto, who deserves to be tortured and hanged, according to Laurencia, because he could have married her and saved her honor. Before she can carry out her threat against Maroto, however, one of the bandits interrupts them to say that some villagers are coming to attack them, so they all go out to defend themselves.


The attack against the bandits is soon dissipated, and they are about to hang Maroto when the fighting breaks out again. Maroto, tied up and left alone, prays to the Virgin, who appears to him, stepping from an olive tree. She tells him to build a Mercedarian monastery on that spot and to take in the prisoners redeemed from the Saracens.

Meanwhile the villagers capture Guillén and Gallardo, and Gastón turns Guillén over to Petronila. The villagers, forbidden by Gastón to kill Gallardo or to draw blood, give him a purgative. Petronila plans to let Guillén go free, whereupon he promises to marry her. Maroto comes and tells them of his experience with the Virgin, but they do not believe him. When he returns to the olive grove to tell the Virgin of their disbelief, she turns his head around on his body as a sign to the others that what he is saying is true.

Gallardo, with his hands bound and suffering greatly from the purgative, finds Guillén and Petronila. His arrival is followed by that of Gastón and then that of Maroto with his head on backwards. Upon seeing him that way they all believe him and go to the olive grove to see the Virgin, who appears to them as they pray. Gastón promises to have the monastery built there to take in the captives and to give all his money to the Mercedarians. Maroto vows to serve the Virgin in the monastery. Laurencia enters and tells how the Virgin called her and purified her, and that she intends to dedicate her life to serving the Virgin. Guillén promises to reform, to marry Petronila and to be a faithful husband to her. Even Gallardo promises to give up his mischievous ways and serve the Virgin.  


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